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Getting ready for the election

There has been some paperwork and some preparation for the big upcoming event: making sure the official endorsement had reached Oak Brook, reading the information received in return – quite a few pages, filling the forms and sending back to Oak Brook all required data, nominating my representatives at the Election Committee, preparing my campaign flyer – with appreciated help from the EF 2017 committee, preparing thoroughly the schedule for the busy upcoming days in Hamburg. I think I am all set and I hope I didn’t miss anything.

Election  is on July 9th, but once in Hamburg, there will not be much time for visiting museums.

Catherine and I will be arriving on July 4th and have a quiet evening and a shopping morning  – just the two of  us – before it all starts.

And it will start on July 5th at 2 PM, with the nominating committee, and from the next day on, there will be the parade, the opening ceremony, the second plenary session with the presentation of the candidates, the caucus, the closing ceremony, every evening several delegation receptions, a couple of breakfast caucus,  and a few other meetings and invitations. We are looking forward to a great week, but we will eventually be pretty exhausted when it is all over.


Our swiss delegation has a record attendance. Never before have we been so many: over 400 will be coming from Switzerland to Hamburg to live an extraordinary International Convention. Don’t miss the International Parade. We will not go unnoticed!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Bis bald in Hamburg!

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