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Well – I am new to WordPress!

Allow me some time to get to know what I can do with it…

For the time being, I am configuring the look and the menus of this blog.

But your first question might very well be – and so is mine: What do I want to achieve and what do I want to communicate with this blog?

Well here’s the answer: I was nominated in may 2012 by the Multiple District 102 to be elected as representative of Switzerland – among the 6  european representatives – to the Lions Clubs International Board of Directors. I was then presented during the european Forum in Brussels in September of the same year.

The election will take place during the international convention in july 2013 in Hamburg and my mandate will then start right away. And last 2 years, until the international Convention in Honolulu in July 2015.

In the meantime, I am preparing those two years, which already keeps me pretty busy.

Representing the european Lions, I believe reports on my activities,  my travels and my encounters may be of  some interest. That’s precisely what I am aiming at with this blog.

I’ll be back! Looking forward to your comments and questions or just letting me know you are reading.

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