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Biography: private

  • Born on July 5, 1952 in Stockholm.
  • Family arrived in Switzerland, in Lausanne, in June 1958.
  • School and high school at the Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande, in Lausanne, completed with a Swiss Scientific Maturité Fédérale
  • Studied at the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, completed by a Master in civil engineering.
  • Lived and worked, among other places, in Iraq and in Nigeria, with wife and first son, before coming back to Switzerland, in Neuchatel, in 1985.
  • Married with Catherine, born Hildenbrand.
  • Two sons, Nils, born 1981, Master in Life Science (EPFL) and Sten, born 1985, Master in Civil Engineering (EPFL) and MBA (HEC Lausanne)
  • 4 grand children
  • Swedish and Swiss nationalities, citizen of Neuchatel.
  • Still involved professionally and very actively involved with associations, nowadays almost exclusively with Lions Clubs International.
  • Practices actively several sports, among which mountain biking, mountain hiking, golf, diving and, in winter, skiing and tour-skiing; was involved in competition during younger years.


Biography: professional

  • Master in civil engineering (EPFL).
  • Fabricom SA (Brussels): construction of High Power lines, in Iraq.
  • Zwahlen et Mayr SA (Aigle) : steel construction projects, in Switzerland.
  • Geilinger SA (Yvonand) :several steel construction projects, in Switzerland and abroad..
  • Structural Steel Works Ltd (Lagos, Nigeria) : Manager of the steel construction department. Several projects in Nigeria.
  • In 1985, back to Switzerland to take over of the management and shares of the family business, Hildenbrand & Cie SA, in Neuchatel, with approximately 80 employees. Developed this plumbing and piping contracting firm in several industrial high technology fields.
  • Shareholder and member of the board of several other companies.
  • As from 2009, progressively handed over the operation of Hildenbrand to a management team, remaining for a while in the board.
  • In 2010, founded LaboSafe SA, spin-off of Hildenbrand, active in the field of water treatments, using mainly ozone and UV to treat drinking water, waste water and industrial water, and in the field of Industrial security.
  • LaboSafe SA is now mainly active in the field of Industrial security, designing and supplying safety shower installations, as well as a consultant in other fields.
  • Since 2015, moved LaboSafe SA back to Neuchatel.


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