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A brand new ACL

Some of you may know I had a  knee surgery on Monday September 2nd. Well,  I just returned home today – we’re Friday as I write.

I tore a cruciate ligament skiing in deep spring snow last Easter day. The meniscus was also in a pretty bad shape. I kept limping and all my favorite sports – skiing, snowboarding, diving, and golfing – were out of reach.

We decided with my surgeon to reconstruct a new ACL and clean up and repair the meniscus.  This would have to be done between two schedule trips, i.e. after the New Directors Orientation in Oak Brook and at least a month before the next  Board meeting. So we did.

The operation was a success and I am now already back home, on my crutches, but doing very well. The recovery time with my laptop on my other knee will be used, inter alia, to publish all the blog articles that have stacked up.

In my last article, I said I would write about the New Directors Orientation in Oak Brook in the plane on my way back to Europe. And so I did, but you might have wondered what happened to that article.

Well, for this time, the priority was given to the Swiss Lion magazine. So you’ll get that article a little later on my blog, as soon as the next edition of The Lion has been published.

In addition, a few other articles are ready. The summer has been quite busy and there has been a lot to write about. The articles will now all come at once. The next days will be quite prolific on this website, so welcome back!

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